Kabba Kingdom is situated in the Northern hemisphere of the equatorial forest of Nigeria.

Kabba is a town in the western senatorial district of Kogi State in Nigeria.Kabba is about 295km away from Abuja.
Kabba College of Agriculture Interim Joint Matriculation Board was accredited in the year 2013 by the governning council of the Mother University (Ahmadu Bello University Zaria). Ever since then Kabba College of Agriculture IJMB has graduated series of University graduated from notable university such as ABU, UNIlorin,, UNIJos, BUK among others.
Running your IJMB program here in Kabba College of Agric, is more easier than any other places, the transport issues is not there, as students trek from the comfort of their hostel to classrooms.
The securrity issues is not a problem in Kabba College of Agriculture and low cost of living in the school make it more convinient for students to adopt and stay in the school


    Kabba College of Agric (KCA) was established in 1964, with assistance of USAID. The College started under the Administration of the then Regional Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, and was administered and managed by Institute for Agricultural Research, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria in 1968. In1969, all facilities and staff were formally transferred to the Division of Agricultural and Livestock Services Training (DALST-A.B.U) which is now the Division of Agricultural Colleges (DAC-ABU) Ahmadu Bello University.

The College is located in Kabba, Kogi State and cover a total land area of 348 hectares, it is situated approximately 1.5 km North of Kabba town Grid reference 070 50 North and 060 30 East). Detailed land survey carried out revealed that the site consists of soils which are suitable for tree crops, arable cultivation and other developments.

The objective of the College amongst others is to produce low and middle level man power, provide technical training in Agriculture and allied subjects, and initiate programs to meet the agricultural need of the country.

The College was basically designed to accommodate about a hundred students but over the years there has been substantial development and as at now, the College accommodates more than three hundred (300) students. The college has five (5) programmes (Higher National Diploma in Agricultural Extension and Management, Higher National Diploma in Crop Production Technology, Higher National Diploma in Horticultural and Landscape Technology, National Diploma in Agricultural Technology and National Diploma in Horticultural Technology) and eight sections (Livestock, Engineering, Account, Library, Clinic, Registry, Science and Stores) There is also an Entrepreneurship center

The total student's enrolment in the Higher National Diploma, National Diploma, Certificate and IJMB programmes is nearly 350 drawn from within and outside the state. There are about 27 academic staff and 123 Non-Teaching staff serving the College.